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I am Willdorf on Github

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Recent Projects

Willdorf Watchfaces Banner

A Collection of Configurable Pebble Time Watchfaces

**All watchfaces now include a Bluetooth disconnectivity indicator

**All watchfaces now include localized date and weather information

Triple Horizontal Bar was featured on xndrtech

Cassiopeia 3D

Cassiopeia Supernova Remnant 3D Reconstruction (2013)

Cassiopeia 3D, Harvard CFA, Space, The Verge, Yahoo News

Guardians of UTM

iOS Game (Summer 2015)

Office of Student Transition UTM
Guardians of UTM 1
Guardians of UTM 2
Guardians of UTM 3
Guardians of UTM 4

Digital Flyers

Facebook's Hackathon Waterloo (2014) Digital Flyers Android Application

Digital Flyers Android App

Bixi Bike Finder

LinkedIn's HackDay Toronto (2013) Bixi Bike Finder Android Application

Bixi Bike Android App 1
Bixi Bike Android App 2